About Tattoos

I don’t know if everyone who has a tattoo feels the same way, but I have a very special relationship with my tattoos. When I stop to look at myself, and see all the drawings on my skin, it gives me an insane amount of happiness.

I haven’t always loved tattoos, you know, at some point I would proudly and loudly say that I would NEVER get one done, I was influenced by a conservative side of the family and I used to judge even my own mother (I’m sorry mom, I’ve apologized before, but it is always good to reinforce it). When I understood that tattoos were art, and a way of expressing yourself, I started wondering about everything I wanted to have forever engraved on my own skin. But it wasn’t easy, in the beginning, anytime I would get a new tattoo, instead of feeling free, and more myself, I would feel ashamed, and that I was a disappointment,

I was judged, and I heard things that really hurt me! With time, thanks to the Lord, things started getting better, I believe that those people that once judged me started to understand that my body is my temple, and I want to decorate it with memories, of hardships, of love, of feelings, and that the tattoos don’t diminish my value, they increase it, they add to who I am, they tell my story on my skin. Is there anything more beautiful than that? That’s why now, when I look at myself SCRAWLED, a walking comic book, I am the PROUDEST person there ever is!

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