About my acne

I have received a few questions (from people who were actually concerned and I thank you guys for caring about me) and comments (those weren’t as welcomed) about the little spots on my face.

It’s acne, like the ones you get when you are a teenager. Apparently, some people start having acne after they turn 25 years old (I know, it’s crazy).

If I’m being honest they do not bother me, I know they are there, I literally feel them since some of them can be quite painful, and I’ve been treating them, I’ve been to two dermatologists, but we still haven’t managed to find the perfect formula to get them to go away.

I could wear make up to cover them up, but I really don’t feel like it. I could use photoshop to remove them, but…why? I know we have been taught our entire lives to cover up any “imperfections” that might appear in our bodies.

But in all honesty they only started bothering me after a few “what is that in your face” comments. I’ve already had a talk with myself and I got to the conclusion that: it is normal, 18 year old Barbara would spend hours in front of the mirror and spend tons of money on make up. 25 year old Barbara understands that it is ok, nobody is perfect and I am not bothered for having spots on my face.

That is all.

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