The Perfect Mug Cake

Hello guys,

How’s your Sunday going? Mine, as always, is going pretty lazy, haha, and due to my recently acquired food restrictions (in case you just got here, I am recovering from a nasty pancreatitis), I had to learn how to make easy, fast and tasty recipes. As much as I don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I do LOVE to eat, specially if it is cake!

So today I am here to share with you guys a SUPER easy and fast recipe that turns out delicious every time! It is perfect for breakfasts, afternoon snacks, and overall any moment you feel like eating something sweet.

The best part about this recipe is that you can adapt it to almost any diet, it can even be a vegan mug cake if you want it to. I like to say that it can be completely fat, completely fit or a perfect in between, which is what I like to do! So let’s stop stalling and get to the recipe!

The ingredient list is very simple:

  • 1 egg;
  • 4 tablespoons of milk (I have been using lactose free milk now, but you can use anything from regular milk to almond milk);
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar (I have been using raw sugar, but you can use regular sugar, or even brown sugar if you’d like);
  • 3 tablespoons of oil (here is the thing: if you are using porcelain mugs, they are non sticky, so you can use no oil at all, or, like I do, you can use regular melted butter, 1 tablespoon is the perfect amount for me, you can even use coconut oil!)
  • 2, 3 or 4 tablespoons of chocolate powder, I use the regular Nestlé one, I tried using just cocoa powder, but my cake got extremely dry, so now, I do 2 tablespoons of regular chocolate powder and one table spoon of cocoa powder;
  • 4 table spoons of wheat ( I have been using rice wheat, and to me it tastes amazing, but you can use regular wheat, almond wheat and even oatmeal flower);
  • 1 coffee spoon of baking powder;
  • Now you mix it all veeeeeeeeeery very well, and put it in the microwave for 3 and a half minutes, I like to add 70% cocoa chocolate chips and mix it to the batter, they melt and make your cake moist (I know many people hate that word, sorry), and it’s perfect!

Now some things to take into consideration:

1- The egg can be substituted by mashed bananas;

2- If you are going to use melted butter like me, the butter has to be the first ingredient you put inside the mug, then you put it in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds and it should be good to go. Keep in mind to put the dry ingredients right after the melted butter, or the cold milk, DO NOT add the egg straight to the hot melted butter, ok?

3- If you make this recipe, please share it on your stories and tag me on instagram, (, I want to know if the people who make it, like it!

Being honest, I probably eat one of those mug cakes 3 times a week, I just love them so much! It is easy, quick, delicious AND all you need is ONE mug, so there is no mess to clean up after, isn’t it just perfect?

That’s all I have for you guys today, I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to send me your feedbacks!

Byeee, see you on the next post 🙂

Ohhh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret! You know where I got this recipe from? A MUG! I bought it a few years back and I just adapted the recipe with different ingredients!

Friends and Changes

I came across this phrase a few days ago and it really stuck with me because I know exactly what it is talking about!

For YEARS in my life I was afraid of being exactly who I am for fear of losing friendships. I forced myself to be someone I wasn’t, someone I wasn’t proud of, I would wake up every day, look at myself in the mirror, take a deep breath and put on a “mask”, a facade, to pretend everything was ok.

I would laugh at things I didn’t think were funny, I would hear horrible comments about other people and not say a single thing, I let people who were absolutely nothing special act like they were better than other people without saying a word.

Until one day I got tired of it, I got tired of laughing at stuff that wasn’t funny, got tired of trying to please everyone. I was one of those lucky kids who got the chance to do two exchange programs, the ones that last a month, with people I had never seen before, and at those, I was who I actually wanted to be.

I was myself, weird, funny, a clown, grumpy. I learned so much about different cultures and different realities, I saw that the world was much bigger than that life we had at school.

When I returned from one of those programs I decided to simply be me, the Barbara that was free of judgments, that knew that the world was made up of different people and that was the beauty of it!

And at that time I lost SEVERAL “friends”, but the ones who stuck around and took me in showed me that I can be whoever I want to be and they will still love me.

People that, even though they didn’t fully understand where I was coming from, supported me and urged to learn, they might have taken their own time, but they learned to see the beauty in the differences, learned to judge less.

People that, in their own way, make the world a better place, and a more beautiful one to live, people who allowed me to be who I was fully, that allowed me to choose myself.

And that, my friends, has been the best choice I’ve ever made, and continue to make every single day, it isn’t always easy, but I keep choosing myself 💖

L’Oréal Elseve Hidra (Hyaluronic) Review

Hyaluronic acid has been used in skin care products for years, because of its hydrating power on the skin, it works by attracting water molecules to keep the skin hydrated and filled. Also being responsible for tissue repair and regeneration.

As for the hair, its filling action retains the hydration in the hair fiber for much longer!

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that so many brands are creating a hairline with the active. And today we are here to talk about the L’Oréal Paris range.

I have been using the products for over two weeks now, and I can say that I will be using them for much longer! Since I started using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is looking more “alive”, the strands have become looser and lighter.

The curls are intact and the hair is looking very well hydrated, which is very important considering that my hair is extremely bleached, and I am always dying it and using general chemistry on it.

Comparing L’Oréal’s shampoo and conditioner with other products on the market that offer the same benefits, it wins points by having a lower price, with a quality as good as the others I’ve tried.

In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, the brand also launched a night hydration product, which can be used on wet or dry hair. It promises to hydrate your hair without weighing it down the next day.

As a moisturizer, it does what it promises, it works very well, but I felt that the strands are a little heavy the next day, it may be that my hair is too thin, and that in thicker hair it works better. For me, the only way to use it is on the day before washing my hair. And the results are wonderful!

That’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed the review! See you next time!

Kissy kissy bye bye 💕

About Tattoos

July 25th 2013, the day I got my first tattoo! After so much asking for it, so much thinking, daydreaming, I finally got it! At the peak of my 17 years of age, leaving home to go to college, all I could think about was “freedom”. Today, 43 tattoos later, I think I can finally say that I became what I wanted the most: the tattooed woman that isn’t afraid to express herself and show her marks and her feelings on her skin. If I regret any of them? NEVER! Many of those tattoos were seen as rebel acts and treated as such, so I pride myself in each one that I carry with me, because I am the only one who knows how much I fought to get the FREEDOM of owning my own body. If I would change any? Maybe someday, but regret it? NEVER!

About my acne

I have received a few questions (from people who were actually concerned and I thank you guys for caring about me) and comments (those weren’t as welcomed) about the little spots on my face.

It’s acne, like the ones you get when you are a teenager. Apparently, some people start having acne after they turn 25 years old (I know, it’s crazy).

If I’m being honest they do not bother me, I know they are there, I literally feel them since some of them can be quite painful, and I’ve been treating them, I’ve been to two dermatologists, but we still haven’t managed to find the perfect formula to get them to go away.

I could wear make up to cover them up, but I really don’t feel like it. I could use photoshop to remove them, but…why? I know we have been taught our entire lives to cover up any “imperfections” that might appear in our bodies.

But in all honesty they only started bothering me after a few “what is that in your face” comments. I’ve already had a talk with myself and I got to the conclusion that: it is normal, 18 year old Barbara would spend hours in front of the mirror and spend tons of money on make up. 25 year old Barbara understands that it is ok, nobody is perfect and I am not bothered for having spots on my face.

That is all.

Midnight Delirium

Today, as I showered (this is the place where I have the best debates with myself and also the place where I come to my biggest conclusions!) I remembered a time back when I was young. Can you believe I went for around 5 years of my life wearing a jacket or a long sleeve even during the summer?

I did! I’ve always had problems with my arms, they were too weird, too skinny, too long, but so far, I never really paid much attention to any of that, until one day, during my English class, a boy named Apollo (I was around 9 years old, so he was probably younger than me, so don’t come for him ok), who was sitting on the chair next to me and accidentally touched my arm with his, looks down and goes “ew, what are those marks?” And yanks his arms to get them as far away from mine as he could.

I always knew I had those marks, some of them were there ever since I can remember, others were from mosquito bites. And a few were birth marks. Apollo was very white, me, I’m a mix, I know my father’s side of the family comes from Italy, but on my mother’s side, all I know is that my grandpa’s family came from Spain and from my grandmother’s side, my great great grandmother was indigenous, I don’t know where her “husband” was from, but somewhere in Europe, probably.

And that was not the first time I was ashamed of myself, my body, or my skin, but that was the first time someone else expressed pure disgust for it, and that hurt!

So, for years and years after this episode I would wear a jacket or a long sleeve anywhere and everywhere, and if someone ever asked me why, I would say “I can’t loose my style”.

But that’s so crazy, huh? How much things can leave a scar on us, I have now filled my arms with tattoos, and I know that a little bit of the reason behind that was to convince myself not to hide my arms anymore. Instead, teach me to love them, to appreciate them, to be proud of them!

My skin, my color, my marks, are a part of all of us, Brazilians, we are a mixed race, and that is nothing to be ashamed of!

So, I guess that’s all, guys, if you read it until here, I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve aways wanted a place to have those conversations, to share my inner monologues and now, here we are. Thank you for reading, and if you want to talk about anything, hit a girl up!

About Tattoos

I don’t know if everyone who has a tattoo feels the same way, but I have a very special relationship with my tattoos. When I stop to look at myself, and see all the drawings on my skin, it gives me an insane amount of happiness.

I haven’t always loved tattoos, you know, at some point I would proudly and loudly say that I would NEVER get one done, I was influenced by a conservative side of the family and I used to judge even my own mother (I’m sorry mom, I’ve apologized before, but it is always good to reinforce it). When I understood that tattoos were art, and a way of expressing yourself, I started wondering about everything I wanted to have forever engraved on my own skin. But it wasn’t easy, in the beginning, anytime I would get a new tattoo, instead of feeling free, and more myself, I would feel ashamed, and that I was a disappointment,

I was judged, and I heard things that really hurt me! With time, thanks to the Lord, things started getting better, I believe that those people that once judged me started to understand that my body is my temple, and I want to decorate it with memories, of hardships, of love, of feelings, and that the tattoos don’t diminish my value, they increase it, they add to who I am, they tell my story on my skin. Is there anything more beautiful than that? That’s why now, when I look at myself SCRAWLED, a walking comic book, I am the PROUDEST person there ever is!

Love Yourself

I am my biggest critic, always, the first one to point out my mistakes, my flaws, my imperfections. I think I forget how much I have done for myself, how much I have fought to be here, how many times I had to pick myself up and start it all over again. Only I know everything I have gone through, and only I know how hard it was to become the person I am today, so I should be proud of that person. I am proud of that person, I am proud of me. And you should definitely have this talk with yourself one of those days, pat yourself on the back and say “you did it, it’s amazing”. Be more proud of who you are, love yourself more! You are worth it!


I want to begin this post saying that I am not against make up, I think it is a beautiful form of art, somedays I want to put on makeup and play with different methods and colors. I used to wear makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY, I would wake up 30 minutes before I had to just to put on makeup to go to school. If I had a party on the weekends, it would take me hours in front of the mirror, trying to get my make up perfectly, as I don’t see very well without my glasses on, I would get frustrated a lot, I had to take it all off and start all over again, most times, I would cry.

Whenever my small MAC concealer was about to end, it was chaos, trying to convince my dad to spend the money, and take me to the mall so I could buy a new one! I had foundation for the winter time, and for the summer time, when I was more tan. Mascara, oh, mascara, once, I cut my eye because I was using an old tube that had lumps in it. When I moved to Canada, I learned about color correction, there was a huge drugstore right by my college so I would go there every day to see what was new. When I came back to Brazil, there was so much frustration because I was running out of products, some brands were not available in Brazil, the ones that were, were so expensive, a lot of products contain substances that give me allergies, so I have to try a lot, and to try you have to buy and buying is expensive; Some days I wouldn’t leave the house because I didn’t feel like doing my make up and that’s when it hit me: I had become a slave to makeup!

I wasn’t doing it because it made me feel good, I was doing it because I HAD TO. I had boyfriends questioning “won’t you put on some concealer?” And I have friends who still question it to this day! It is like being human isn’t acceptable anymore, like having “imperfections” is the end of the world, and honestly? It is not! Acne? Everyone has them! Even Kendal Freakin Jenner has talked about it! My point here is not letting me get pushed into the pressure of trying to archive an unarchivable skin type, it is exhausting. I used to perfect the “no makeup makeup” look, like 🤔 maybe just don’t wear the makeup?

Today I’m not a slave to that anymore, I’ve been to parties, events, and any other place wearing a clean face and being extremely proud of myself. There are some days that I want to put something on, and that’s ok too, as long as I’m doing it for fun and not because I’m OBLIGATED to it! I think to me, it is the same thing with dresses and heels, I don’t need them, my femininity does not depend on them, but whenever I want to, I can wear it, for me! Have you ever thought about any of those things? Do you relate to it? Have different opinions? Let’s chat!


It’s so hard to live with insomnia.

At 15 I was diagnosed with depression and that’s when I started taking sleeping medication. Ever since then, there was only ONE nigh where I was able to sleep without any type of medication.

10 years of my life, I’ve been hooked to medicine, needing it to sleep.

It fluctuates, honestly, sometimes it is easier, I can easily fall asleep with a smaller doses. Other times, I have to take so many pills to fall asleep, that I can’t wake up the next day.

It is hard, there have been periods of my life where I was completely numbed by medication. I don’t remember classes, people, events, nothing.

After 8 years I finally got rid of a specific medication, but just went straight to the other, always overseen by doctors. Always wondering if I’ll ever be able to lay my head down on the pillow and sleep like a “normal” human being.

It is hard, living with depression, that is what causes my insomnia. It’s just a hard, solitary thing. It hurts. I don’t like it!