L’Oréal Elseve Hidra (Hyaluronic) Review

Hyaluronic acid has been used in skin care products for years, because of its hydrating power on the skin, it works by attracting water molecules to keep the skin hydrated and filled. Also being responsible for tissue repair and regeneration.

As for the hair, its filling action retains the hydration in the hair fiber for much longer!

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that so many brands are creating a hairline with the active. And today we are here to talk about the L’Oréal Paris range.

I have been using the products for over two weeks now, and I can say that I will be using them for much longer! Since I started using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is looking more “alive”, the strands have become looser and lighter.

The curls are intact and the hair is looking very well hydrated, which is very important considering that my hair is extremely bleached, and I am always dying it and using general chemistry on it.

Comparing L’Oréal’s shampoo and conditioner with other products on the market that offer the same benefits, it wins points by having a lower price, with a quality as good as the others I’ve tried.

In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, the brand also launched a night hydration product, which can be used on wet or dry hair. It promises to hydrate your hair without weighing it down the next day.

As a moisturizer, it does what it promises, it works very well, but I felt that the strands are a little heavy the next day, it may be that my hair is too thin, and that in thicker hair it works better. For me, the only way to use it is on the day before washing my hair. And the results are wonderful!

That’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed the review! See you next time!

Kissy kissy bye bye 💕

O Segredo por trás do meu colorido!

Três anos atrás comecei minha jornada com cabelos totalmente coloridos. Antes disso, sempre fazia mechas, pintava só a parte de baixo, ou um pouquinho aqui e outro ali. Até que um dia decidi que ia pintar o cabelo todo!

Fui numa especialista, escolhemos as cores, ela fez um trabalho MARAVILHOSO, mas depois de três lavadas, a cor virou pastel. Foi aí que comecei a pesquisar maneiras de 1- fazer as cores durarem mais e, 2- tintas para que eu pudesse comprar e fazer meu cabelo em casa.

Descobri a Kamaleao Color, uma marca de cosméticos BRASILEIRA, VEGANA E QUE NÃO TESTA EM ANIMAIS! Os tonalizantes deles são livres de amônia, peróxidos e parabenos.

Por ser uma pessoa cheia de alergias, comprei a menor embalagem para poder testar, e nossa, me apaixonei, não me deu alergia, o cheirinho é maravilhoso, e não maltrata o seu cabelo!

Sem contar que as cores duram MUITO tempo, o azul e o verde, são as cores que mais duram para mim, já passei mais de dois meses sem precisar retocar. O rosa, que não é uma cor que adere tão bem ao meu cabelo, já durou mais de um mês!

A única cor que realmente não ficou no meu cabelo (infelizmente) foi o vermelho, mas vermelho de qualquer marca sai rápido do meu cabelo então não os culpo. Cada pessoa e tipo de cabelo vão ter as cores que aderem melhor ou pior.

De qualquer forma, sempre que me perguntam, eu indico a Kamaleao, porque realmente confio neles, já vi crianças e grávidas utilizando os produtos deles, e o atendimento ao cliente é impecável!

Se você está pensando em colorir suas madeixas (pense muito bem antes, porque da muito trabalho, se vocês quiserem, eu posso até fazer um post ou vídeo falando sobre a realidade de ter cabelo colorido, se vocês quiserem!), passa lá no site deles e veja as diversas opções de cores e tonalidades que eles tem! Uma mais linda que a outra!


My Hair

If you have known me for a long time, or even if you just got here, I think it is visible that I’m always changing the color of my hair.

Most of them have a meaning attached to it, today I’m going to try and explain a little bit of what happens inside that little head of mine.

I have to start going way back and explaining that I absolutely LOVED pink when I was growing up, but with time I started forcing myself not to like it, for the simple fact that it was considered a feminine color.

I did everything to get away from that idea of being a “little girl”. I hated hearing “girls can’t do that”, “behave yourself”, “this is not ladylike”, “girls can’t talk like that”. As a born questioner, I did everything I could to rebel against the stereotype.

In 2018, when I died my hair pink, I was beginning to see “being a woman” as “being powerful”; women are strong, being a girl didn’t mean I was any less then the others, or that I couldn’t do something I wanted to.

When I died my hair blue, at the start of 2019, I had just gone through two situations that made me go back to that feeling of not liking being a woman. I wanted to get away from that, so with the blue hair came the baggy and black clothes.

After that I went through some colors that didn’t really have a meaning, didn’t have a set intention, and I always ended up back with the blue.

In 2020 I died my hair red, that was a color that made me feel powerful, I was secure with myself, that’s when my style changed and I started feeling more like me, being more confident.

This year I went back to blue, even though I loved the red, I started feeling like it drew too much attention to me.

Now I decided to go with green. Green is hope, this year has started off being very challenging and full of uncomfortable situations that require a lot of hope, and that is mirrored on my hair.